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NNNN is here to create world-leading speaker systems that redefine pro audio.  With crystal clear audio replication, versatile applications, and beautiful design – we ensure that artists not only have audio equipment that enhances their artistry but enables them to express their sound, always. From producing, to studio recording, till presented on stage.

Our speakers meet the real needs of artists, technicians and listeners alike, not settling for the status quo in pro audio today, but raising the standard because the world deserves great audio experiences.

NNNN was founded in 2016, in Oslo, by a team of forward-thinking pro audio enthusiasts with a shared background in creating industry-changing audio-video equipment for world-leading brands. Having expertise in pro audio and sharing ambitious goals for the future of audio, the founding team set the course for NNNN.

Today, headquartered in the Oslo area, we are continually developing an expanding portfolio of pro audio equipment based on our principles of uncompromising audio reproduction, bleeding-edge hardware and software with iconic Nordic design.

The team

Lars Eirik Mobæk HW

Want to be a part of changing the game in pro audio?

We’re a passionate team of engineers, explorers and music-lovers on a mission to transform the pro audio industry. We’re looking for talented people who share our passions, and we’re hoping you’ll join us.

Send us an open application at and we’ll see what we can create together.

Pro Audio
by the Horns

We have never been more awe-struck over what innovative Norwegians can achieve

Teknisk Ukeblad

Our speaker systems set a completely new standard for loudspeaker performance and reinvent the format of pro audio equipment. Horn loaded speakers have for a long time been seen as an accessory to conventional speaker designs. Until now. Our patented breakthroughs in horn speaker design allows less driver moment. From smaller more agile drivers, higher sensitivity with natural amplification and radical directivity, we are creating truly revolutionary speaker systems.

Consequently, there are no direct competitors to any of our products in the market today. Our patented audio technologies aim to secure this leadership for the foreseeable future, and we are excited to keep pushing the boundaries with our ever expanding portfolio of pro audio equipment.

We are a brand with global reach currently looking to build a matching partner network in distribution and production with people that share our values, who want quality and are eager to sell a differentiated story. This could be in Hi-fi, PA, Club or studio.

Audio that matters
– for people and planet

NNNN was created to combine acoustic quality with sustainability

IQ Magazine

NNNN acknowledges that we have a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable pro audio industry and a better planet. Sustainability to us is creating great audio experiences today, without compromising future generations. Therefore, sustainability is embedded in every decision we make, and we are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint; from the materials we use, to the audio engineering, the production methods, recycling and so much more. Crucial in making this possible is the collective sustainability awareness present in our team and our shared interest in the future of our planet.

We noticed a void in the market for pro audio equipment solving obvious problems tied to both audio quality and environmental issues and decided to act on this. The world deserves great audio experiences, today and in the future. By making the best pro audio equipment in the market with audio quality never heard before, with a clear Eco advantage, NNNN is filling this void. We are making pro audio equipment that matters for people and for our planet.

So far, we have been awarded the title of Green Guardian from IQ magazine, a spot feature on The Explorer, and named startup partner of the year at By:Larm 2020. We are aiming ever higher and we will continue astonishing our peers and competitors for a long time to come.

Our company is more than our products, and we strive to provide a high level of service and support. With product warranties and services to aid in the choice and setup of speaker systems, we are tailoring the order to meet the exact needs of our customers. We are committed to being a company trusted not only to provide high quality speakers, but easily accessible service and help as well.


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