360 Degrees

Indoor Stadium

  • Scenario

    360 degree indoor

  • Speakers

    Graft 40 / Devor 16


The central cluster consists of 18 Graft 40 full-band modules configured in a 360-degree setup. 6 vertical arrays of 3 Graft modules covering 60 degrees each, with extreme dispersion control, to avoid any overlap and resulting distortion between them. This is combined with 8 Devor 16 arena subwoofers arranged in two vertical lines with 4 sub bass speakers in each. A total of 26 modules.

By comparison, a typical setup of conventional speakers would consists of 8 line arrays with 8 modules each in addition to 4 rows of 10 subs each. A total of 104 modules.

Sound coverage

Graft 40 Devor 16

Centralizing the speaker cluster enables the sound system to become part of the media playback, along with the display cube, so that image and sound are connected as in the cinema.

Centralizing a cluster of Grafts, with their extremely controlled dispersion fields, avoids any overlap and resulting interference between them.

This configuration combines acoustic principles with advanced signal processing, enabling dispersion control from the deepest bass to the very highest frequencies. It focuses the sound towards the audience and minimizes sound towards floor, ceiling and walls, which again minimizes the need for acoustical treatment compared to conventional speakers.

Graft 40


Line arrays

Extreme Audio Performance

We solved some fundamental aspects of speaker design. This enables advantages that are way beyond the ordinary. Let’s explain.