360 clubbing

Large EDM venues

  • Scenario

    360 degree outdoor clubbing

  • Speakers

    Graft 40 / Devor 16

Speaker setup

A DJ stage at the center of the dance floor with 6 horizontal sectors with 2 Graft 40 full band modules covering 40 degrees vertically around it. Below, in each section is a Devor 16 on the floor. Altogether 18 modules.

A typical setup of conventional speakers would require 4 line arrays of 8 modules each and 6 stacks of 4 subwoofers in a gradient configuration. Altogether a setup of 56 modules.

Sound coverage

Graft 40 Devor 16

The ultimate street party setup that can be rolled into place on a trailer without any rigging time at location.

The DJ stage at the center of the dance floor enables a fully immersive experience with long throw from the top Graft modules, and shorter throw from the lower ones, pointed downwards towards the closer audience.

The Devor 16s enable bass levels that people have only experienced indoors, but with a clarity and musicality that is unheard of.

Because of the extremely controlled dispersion pattern throughout the frequency range from the highest frequencies of the Graft 40 modules to the sub cardioid pattern of the Devor 16s, the DJ is able to work in extremely tight setups.

Devor 16


Line arrays

Extreme Audio Performance

We solved some fundamental aspects of speaker design. This enables advantages that are way beyond the ordinary. Let’s explain.