Corporate Applications


The Importance of Quality

Verbal communication is an essential part of collaboration. The effects of poor audio quality, such as loss of message and fatigue, should not be underestimated. Meeting rooms with high-quality audio equipment accommodate better collaboration.

Hybrid collaboration

The possibilities for collaborative work are constantly growing, and physical separation is no longer the communication barrier it used to be. Meetings with remote participants and media sharing rely on good audio quality. That is why a versatile sound system with good speech intelligibility is so important for hybrid collaborative sessions.

Accessibility and Intelligibility

Speech intelligibility is especially important for those with hearing loss, attention-related challenges, or people who are still learning the spoken language. But not having to strain yourself to understand what others are saying increases understanding and lessens fatigue for everyone.

Versatile spaces

NNNN speakers are designed to handle a variety of situations. They more than deliver for voice reproduction and work to their full potential in media sharing. This versatility enables spaces to be used for more than just meetings, such as organizational and celebratory events.

Live collaboration

To collaborate we need to understand each other well, and understanding usually relies on verbal communication. Good sound systems are always beneficial for rooms with varied uses, especially when people are collaborating both locally and remotely. Good speech intelligibility and user-friendly setups make for great collaborative spaces.

Let's workshop it

Versatile collaborative spaces can take many forms. Common for most is the requirement for audio-visual content and the versatility to switch between tasks. Workshop rooms that accommodate people working remotely are better equipped to meet the future of collaborative work. Good audio plays an important role in providing a positive user experience and an arena for creativity.

Company synch

Multi-purpose spaces with a good technical base can act as a core for the company. Everything from budget presentations to celebratory events can take place in the same area with a proper audio-visual setup. A good sound system can take a company event to the next level.

Gage 60

GAGE 60 is a powerful speaker with a very compact form factor. The dispersion is 100 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically, which enables it to cover large rooms with a single unit on each side. The small size consumes a minimum of visual space in front of the room and it’s acoustic design allows for integrating it into a wall. The acoustic design also enables it with a very good microphone feedback resistance. The frequency response og GAGE 60 rolls off at 60Hz, which is sufficiently deep to reproduce deep male voices.

Gage 125

In larger rooms, GAGE 125 is very well suited as a delay speaker that extends the reach of the GAGE 60. GAGE 125 has a from factor that enables it to be mounted to side walls with minimal visual impact.

Devor 40

For presentation of media, the setup should be paired with a subwoofer – e.g. a DEVOR 40 on each side. For events, adding another subwoofer will match the higher frequency output at higher sound pressure levels. Pairs of DEVOR subwoofers can be combined in end-fire configurations to achieve high directivity in the low frequency range.