Education Enviroments

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The Importance of Quality

Research indicates that poor acoustics and sound quality can result in a 20% lower retention of new information. Good audio quality is essential for effective learning and long-term concentration. Research has shown that both students and teachers experience positive effects on the learning environment with the use of audio equipment.

Multimedia Content

The incorporation of multimedia content in education increases the need for good audio quality. Educational videos, documentaries, and music all benefit greatly from a sound system with full frequency response. This ensures a good learning outcome and a good experience for both students and educators.

Accessibility and Intelligibility

In large scenarios, voice reinforcement is essential for both students and lecturers. Especially those with hearing loss, attention-related challenges, or people who are still learning the spoken language. High-quality loudspeakers with a high degree of directivity reduce reverberation time and increased critical distance. This helps with speech intelligibility.

Hybrid and Remote Participation

An increase in remote participation increases the need for proper audio equipment. Whether because of convenience or necessity, hybrid participation is a viable alternative with good audio. Good speech intelligibility and dedicated audio sources enable remote guest lecturers and students attending from home to communicate clearly with local participants.

Hearing new things

The classroom is the center for education as we know it, but the contents of the room change in tandem with advancing technology and teaching methods. A well-equipped classroom can improve the learning outcome and experience of both teachers and students. Speech intelligibility plays an important role in this.

Covering the curriculum

Lectures in varying forms all rely on speech and audio-visual content to convey ideas and concepts. Without voice reinforcement, lecturing may become very strenuous and the message may be lost. But poor audio amplification may lead to a high level of distortion and also result in loss of message and fatigue.

Professing to the crowd

When speaking to a large crowd, voice reinforcement is essential. When an audience is a large group of students who rely on the verbal message for learning, audio quality becomes all the more important. Good audio means better understanding, which in turn means better learning.

Comium 30

Large meeting rooms, small auditoriums or common areas are paired well with a COMIUM 30 on each side. Smaller rooms can be served with just 1 unit. Building only 12cm out from the wall, it consumes very little of the valuable space in smaller rooms. Clarity of speech is enhanced as the large front surface of the speaker, combined with the wall mounting, avoids reflections of the back wall that degrades the intelligibility of the main signal. The deep bass capabilities of COMIUM 30 increases the flexibility to accommodate reproduction of media content. Having more than one unit in the room reproducing the long wavelengths of the low frequencies will make the bass response more even throughout the room.

Trent 35

To enable a higher SPL output for events etc., COMIUM 30 can be paired with a subwoofer e.g. TRENT 35