Indoor arena

Touring and installation

  • Scenario

    Indoor arena

  • Speakers

    Graft 40 / Devor 23

Speaker setup

A double array on left and right side, with 2 Graft 40 full band modules covering the flanks and an extra one on the inner array to cover the people closest to the stage. 4 Devor 23 subwoofers. 14 modules in total.

A typical setup of conventional speakers would have line arrays distributed in a similar fashion, with a smaller line array of 8 modules covering the flanks, and a larger one with 12 to also cover the people closest to the stage. There would typically be 4 stacks of 4 subs in a gradient configuration. 56 modules in total.

Sound coverage

Graft 40 Devor 23

This setup allows the audience to get right up close to the stage, with both having an extra Graft 40 in the inner arrays, as well as having just a single row of Devor 23 subwoofers, instead of multiple rows in an end fire setup of conventional subs, or downgrading to a gradient setup.

Even with the Grafts allowing people this close to the stage, their extreme directivity enable a much lower sound level from the PA system on stage, enabling higher quality microphones and better quality in all parts of the chain.

Graft 40


Line arrays

Extreme Audio Performance

We solved some fundamental aspects of speaker design. This enables advantages that are way beyond the ordinary. Let’s explain.