Outdoor arena

Large scale touring

  • Scenario

    Outdoor arena

  • Speakers

    Graft 40 / Devor 16


3 arrays of 2 Graft 40 full band modules each enable 40 degrees of vertical dispersion, covering the participants both closest to the stage as well as farthest away. In addition, 8 Devor 16 arena subs with integrated end fire control are placed in front of the stage. 14 modules in total

A typical setup of conventional speakers would require two line arrays of 24 modules each, in addition to 8 rows of 4 stacks of 4 subwoofers to enable end fire control. A total of 176 modules.

Sound coverage

Graft 40 Devor 16

The extreme SPL enabled by the Grafts allow for single modules to cover a designated dispersion area. This, along with an equally extreme dispersion control, allows the audio to reach the audience without being distorted from other sources.

The PA levels on stage can also be much lower than in typical setups today, enabling much easier monitoring and mixing; resulting in better quality in all parts of the chain. This often enables the use of good sound quality condenser microphones were you typically have to use dynamic microphones with a conventional speaker setup.

The sub cardioid dispersion pattern of the Devor subs, combined with a linear frequency response down to infrasound and SPL beyond anything in the market, enables each Devor to replace rows of stacks of conventional subwoofers with unparalleled musicality and fidelity in the bass.

Graft 40 / Devor 16


Line arrays

Extreme Audio Performance

We solved some fundamental aspects of speaker design. This enables advantages that are way beyond the ordinary. Let’s explain.