Outdoor clubbing

Large EDM venues

  • Scenario

    Outdoor clubbing

  • Speakers

    Graft 40 / Devor 16

Speakers setup

A central cluster at the DJ stage with 3 arrays of 2 Graft 40 full band modules and 2 Devor 16 arena subs in each, makes for an easily stackable setup of only 12 modules.

A typical setup of conventional speakers would require two line arrays of 8 modules each and two stacks of 4 subwoofers. Altogether a setup of 24 modules with much more complex mounting requirements.

Sound coverage

This configuration is ideal for covering a dance floor in front of the DJ stage.

The precise dispersion pattern allows the double set of Grafts to provide appropriate sound levels both at the front and back of the dance floor.

The Devor 16 subs cover the same area with their sub cardioid dispersion pattern across the whole bandwidth.

This enables a working environment for the DJ at a significantly lower sound level while people in the front have dance music of unprecedented clarity with extreme bass reproduction.

Graft 40 / Devor 16


Line arrays

Extreme Audio Performance

We solved some fundamental aspects of speaker design. This enables advantages that are way beyond the ordinary. Let’s explain.