Production Studio

Accurate reproduction

The audience should experience exactly what you intended, and high-quality monitors ensure that you can create the best possible version of your music. Monitors should not get in the way of artistic intent, which is why full range coverage and low distortion is so important.

Studios should be versatile creative spaces that accommodate a broad range of uses. When creating music of wildly different genres, exploring new methods, or recording and listening to podcasts. The equipment should keep up with your creative process, not hinder it.

Comium 30

The Comium 30 is a surface-mounted, full-range loudspeaker very well suited to small-scale setups. It has a frequency response that extends from 30 to 22.000Hz and excellent audio reproduction within this range, making it ideal for studios.

The Comium 30 has a 90-degree radial dispersion pattern, which offers a broad coherence window with very low distortion. This means that more people can hear the playback clearly at more listening positions throughout the room.