Recording Studio

The importance of quality

Consistently producing great results can be trying, and it’s important that the equipment does not get in the way of your work. Neutral reproduction and low distortion is essential when listening for any issues with a recording. Higher quality loudspeakers lead to higher quality music.

Recording studios need to be versatile creative spaces that accommodate a broad range of expressions. Recording a wide range of genres, voices, and instruments means that accurate reproduction across the frequency range is essential. The equipment should keep up with the creative process of artists and technicians, not hinder it.

Comium 30

The Comium 30 is a surface-mounted, full-range loudspeaker, very well suited to small-scale setups. It has a frequency response that extends from 30 to 22.000Hz and excellent audio reproduction within this range. This makes it very well suited as a studio monitor.

The Comium 30 has a 90-degree radial dispersion pattern which offers a broad coherence window with very low distortion. This means that the playback can be heard clearly, by more people, at more listening positions throughout the room.

Gage 70

The Gage 70 is a horn amplified arrayable point source. Although it was created with small, high-quality concerts in mind, it is more akin to a high-powered studio monitor than a typical PA loudspeaker. In a studio setting, it can be applied both as a far-field monitor and as a talk-back system.

The Gage 70 is highly directive, with an angularly defined dispersion pattern of 60×40 degrees. It can therefore easily be aligned with the walls of the room, which limits unwanted surface reflection.


Devor 23

The Devor 23 is a horn subwoofer designed for high-end music applications. The patented horn loading technology significantly limits distortion and provides high-quality audio down to 23Hz.

The Devor 23 has a sub-cardioid dispersion pattern, which ensures that less energy is reflected off the walls of the room. These features make it well suited as low-frequency reinforcement in a studio environment.