Theater / Opera

Concert installation

  • Scenario

    Theater / Opera

  • Speakers

    Graft 40 / Devor 23

Speaker setup

A left, center and right configuration with 2 Graft 40 full band modules in each. 1 Devor 23 subwoofers mounted on each side of the stage. 8 modules in total.

A conventional setup would typically have a longer line arrays (8 modules) on the left and right and side with a smaller setup (4 modules) in the middle. There are typically not an extensive subwoofer setup in theater / opera scenarios, so 4 is representative. 24 modules in total.

Sound coverage

Graft 40 Devor 23

With a minimal array of 2 Graft 40 full band modules, and each of them containing 2 subwoofer horns, you get a 2x2 array. This enables control of the directivity of the bass, both vertically and horizontally, which is especially critical in existing theater and opera houses.

Acoustic measures for amplified music might not have been designed in from start in historical buildings, and there are often tough architectural limitations to retrofitting this.

The combined control of dispersion patterns across the Graft and Devor modules will give the ability to provide extremely clear sound throughout the frequency band in historical and contemporary concert houses alike.

Graft 40 / Devor 23