Devor 23

Premium Installation Subwoofer
Devor 23

The Devor 23 is a high-performance horn loaded subwoofer system with two very powerful 15” drivers.

  • Sub-cardioid dispersion and very low frequency response
  • Shallow depth form factor, small footprint
  • Low vibration cabinet
  • High SPL in small cabinet

System data

Frequency response ±3dB:
Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi):

Loudspeaker data

Nominal impedance front/rear:
Power handling capacity (cont./ peak):


23Hz - 80Hz
137 dB


3600W / 7200W
Speakon 4 pole

Dimensions / weight



1000 mm / 39.4”
1000 mm / 39.4”
500 / 19.7”
72 kg / 158.8 Ibs

Sub cardioid dispersion pattern

The DEVOR 23 has a close to sub cardioid dispersion pattern all through its intended bandwidth. This allows the sound pressure to be directed towards the audience, and minimizes the need for acoustical treatment of the room, as less energy is reflected off surrounding surfaces.

Horn loading

The horn loading mechanism enables high sensitivity, high impulse response, and an impressively low distortion level. The combination of high quality audio reproduction down to 23Hz, with very high SPL for the size and weight of the cabinet, makes the DEVOR 23 a very unique subwoofer

Mechanically balanced design

The DEVOR 23 is designed with dual 15’’ drivers, working mechanically in a push push configuration to feed the horn. This cancels out the movement exercised on the cabinet by each driver and minimizes distortion from the cabinet. This also contributes to the audience perceiving the bass signal through the air, along with rest of the music instead of out of time through the floor.

High SPL, small cabinet

DEVOR 23 has a high sound pressure level and a small visual impact, making it appropriate for a broad range of applications. DEVOR 23 can cover clubs to concert halls and auditoriums but also functions as a bass extension in studio and HiFi setups with its very low frequency response.

Devor 23

Devor 23

Premium Installation Subwoofer