Gage 125

Coaxial Point Source

  • Horn loaded coaxial speaker

  • High feedback resistance

  • High SPL in a small form factor

  • Controlled dispersion

The Gage125 is a coaxial point source for small and medium-sized applications with very high sound pressure level capability for its size.

  • Horn loaded coaxial speaker

  • High feedback resistance

  • High SPL in a small form factor

  • Controlled dispersion

  • Configurations: Active 2-way
  • Frequency response ±3dB: 125 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi): 123 dB
  • Max Peak SPL music: 129 dB
  • Nominal dispersion: 90 degrees radial

  • Nominal impedance HF: 8 Ω
  • Mid bass/mid: 8 Ω
  • Power handling (cont./ peak): 250 W / 500 W
  • Connections passive: 2 x SpeakON 4 pole
  • Drivers: 8” + 1”

  • Height: 390 mm / 15,4"
  • Width: 412 mm / 16,3"
  • Depth: 179 mm / 7,0"
  • Weight: 10,4 kg / 22,9 Lbs

Proprietary horn loading design

The Gage 125 combines an 8” and 1” driver in a proprietary horn-loaded cabinet which provides directivity and controlled dispersion. The high sound pressure levels from this small module enable it to cover many smaller venues with a single cabinet. Edge diffraction and wave propagation have been a large part of the design criteria for Gage 125, to provide an even response both on and off-axis. This is to counter the very uneven frequency response most coaxials have on-axis, with large peaks and dips, if the off-axis response is tuned to be flat.

Minimized doppler distortion

This particular coaxial configuration reduces HF doppler distortion caused by the moving woofer diaphragm both because of the directivity of the HF horn and the increased distance from the HF horn’s mouth to the woofer diaphragm when compared to coaxials that use the woofer diaphragm as the HF waveguide.

Drivers designed to collaborate acoustically

The 8” wide-range driver has a Kevlar-loaded and coated paper cone that is both stiff and has good damping properties together with weather resistance. The inverted dust cap of the 8” drive is following the geometry of the rear side of the compression driver, so in this coaxial configuration, the high-frequency section also doubles as a phase plug to both increased sensitivity of the 8” and provide proper dispersion characteristics in the crossover region.

High versatility, small form factor

The Gage 125 is a 2-way high-performance pro audio speaker with a radial dispersion of 90 degrees. Mounted at a 45 degrees angle, parallel with a boundary, will minimize unwanted reflections due to its high directivity. Its form, small size, and weight, combined with high audio quality, make the Gage 125 very versatile. It can be useful as front fill, delay system, club installation, surround system, and more. The Gage 125 has high feedback resistance, makes it very practical for local reinforcement scenarios where there is not an audio technician present.