Gage 30

Premium full range loudspeaker for touring and installations
Gage 30

The GAGE 30 is a highly versatile, high performance full range point source with an 18” woofer and a 1.4” compression driver.

  • High SPL in low weight enclosure
  • Low distortion and 30Hz bass extension
  • Broad coherence window
  • Active and Passive versions

System data

Frequency response (-6+3dB):
Horizontal dispersion:
Vertical dispersion:
Max SPL average:
Peak SPL music:

Loudspeaker data

Nominal impedance 18” Woofer:
Nominal impedance 1.4” HF:
Connections active:



30 Hz - 20 kHz
60 degrees
40 degrees


8 Ohm
8 Ohm
PowerCon True1 for power,
XLR input, XLR output, Ethernet
Neutrik SpeakOn 4 pole


Width front/rear:


470 mm

2-way low distortion design

GAGE 30 is a highly versatile, high performance full range point source.It’s designed with sound quality and high SPL capabilities in mind. The concept idea was to merge the nice performance features of a high end dual 15” + horn full range speaker (high SPL), a single 18” bass reflex subwoofer (bass extension) and a large format main monitor (low distortion and pin point audio reproduction). The woofer has a powerful new Neo motor system, low moving mass and extended linear Xmax. The HF horn is a classic elliptical design loaded with a wide range, low distortion and powerful 1.4” compression driver. A large expanding bass port ensures minimal nonlinear airflow at high SPL, even at peak power levels.

Port design

The combination of a low particle velocity expanding port, a fairly wide Q tuning, and several quarter wave reflectors strategically placed within the port itself, enables the unwanted pipe resonances and resonance decay, typically found in a truncated bass reflex box. For the main monitor and high end HiFi applications where the “port sound” in many setups is unwanted, we have designed a “resistive plug” so the Gage 30 will acoustically emulate and behave much like a significantly larger closed box.

Arrayable 30Hz versatility

Angled enclosure side walls and a smooth even dispersion pattern makes it easy to combine two or more boxes in a horizontal array with smooth transitions between boxes. The bass reproduction of Gage 30 enables it to be used standalone for smaller concert scenes or dance floors. In a studio, cinema, HiFi or home cinema environment the GAGE 30 is a high SPL low distortion modern take on the 2-way reference loudspeaker capable of providing a pin point stereo image.

Low weight enclosure

The relative low weight of the loudspeaker compared to the high SPL and low frequency reproduction across its 60 x 50 degree dispersion field makes it a convenient and fast solution for touring applications, with or without additional subwoofer. GAGE 30 is available in both active and passive versions.

Gage 30

Gage 30

Premium full range loudspeaker for touring and installations