Gage 60

Coaxial point source
Gage 60

The Gage 60 is a horn-loaded coaxial point source with a ported low-frequency extension.

  • Active 2-way coaxial design
  • High SPL in compact form factor
  • Ported low frequency extension
  • Active and passive versions

System data

Frequency response extended (-6+3dB):
Frequency response horn assisted (± 3db):
Horizontal dispersion:
Vertical dispersion:

Loudspeaker data

Max SPL average:
Peak SPL music:
Nominal impedance 8” Woofer:
Nominal impedance 1” HF:
Connections active:
Connections passive:


60-20 000Hz
150-20 000Hz



PowerCon True1 for power, XLR input, XLR output, Ethernet
Neutrik SpeakOn 4 pole

Dimensions / weight



15kg/ 33Lbs

Active 2-way coaxial

The Gage 60 is designed to provide high sound quality, extended dynamic capabilities, and controlled dispersion with a minimum of lobing, in a small form factor. The Gage 60 has elliptical horns for both woofer and HF drivers, to ensure controlled dispersion from well below the crossover region. A bass port extends the low-frequency cutoff for standalone applications and the horn loading enables extended SPL and reach from 150Hz and up.

Reduced doppler distortion

The coaxial configuration in Gage 60 reduces HF doppler distortion that is normally caused by the moving woofer diaphragm used as the HF waveguide in a conventional coaxial driver. Separating the drivers enables a dedicated HF horn, and this reduces doppler distortion both because of the directivity of the HF horn and the increased distance from the HF horn mouth to the woofer diaphragm.

High SPL, compact formfactor

The Gage 60 provides very high SPL performance in a small and light enclosure. It delivers a max SPL average >125 dB free field at 1m and peak SPL >140 dB playing music. It’s compact dimensions and mere 15 kg (33 lbs) makes the Gage 60 easy to handle for portable applications, and with a small visual footprint in installs.

Active and passive versions

The Gage 60 is available in both active and passive versions, enabling the same performance to both portable and installation applications. The internal or external processing includes electronic crossover management, phase and frequency response correction filters, and driver protection circuitry.

Gage 60

Gage 60

Coaxial point source