Gage 70

Arrayable Point Source

The GAGE 70 is an arrayable point source which prioritizes audio quality over sound pressure. With a familiar, small form factor and innovative features the Gage 70 is well equipped to challenge the status quo of small and medium sized applications.

GAGE 70 is designed to eliminate feedback. Its unique acoustic design provides very low acoustic energy per area close to the speaker which falls below the feedback threshold for handheld dynamic microphones within practical distance from the speaker. This is a much needed feature for live events, which enables smooth music experiences in small and medium sized venues.

Feedback - a thing of the past

Seamless modularity

The dispersion of the Gage 70 is 60 × 40 degrees, which enables it to cover many venues with a single cabinet. Still, like all NNNN tops, it is arrayable. The unique design of the dispersion control enables two or more modules up to a full circle to work together and act as one speaker - without overlap - across the entire bandwidth. By adding just one more module you cover 120 degrees horizontally, which is sufficient for wide coverage venues.

Visual dispersion control

The horizontal dispersion of the GAGE 70 is defined by the geometry of the horn, and is therefore aligned with the outer walls of the cabinet. This makes it simple to visually confirm the dispersion field at a venue, for instance by aligning the side of the cabinet parallel to a side wall. This avoids reflections bouncing off the wall and enhances the clarity of the sound at the venue in a quick and practical manner.

Top end features - small form factor

Integrated in one cabinet is both a top and a midbass horn with impressive dispersion control throughout the entire bandwidth of the speaker, and with directivity which has not previously been achievable in small scale speaker systems.

Flying system

GAGE 70 can be pole mounted or flown with NNNN accessories. This allows a flexibility of -30 to +10 degrees vertically in 5 degree increments.

The GAGE 70 is an upgrade for any small and medium sized venue.


System data

Frequency response ±3dB:
Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi)

Loudspeaker data

Nominal impedance:
Mid bass:

Power handling capacity
(cont./ peak)


70Hz - 16kHz


24 Ohms
16 Ohm

480W / 960W
2 x Speakon 4 pole

Dimensions / weight

Dimensions (H x W x D)


650 x 600 x 250 mm
21.5 kg