Large Format Array Source

GRAFT 40 is a concept speaker of our GRAFT-series and showcases what the top end of a product line for audio reproduction in medium to very large scenarios can be. The efficiency of the Graft 40 is unparalleled in the market and demonstrates how traditional line arrays can be replaced with far fewer modules and superior audio performance - both at module and system level.

With controlled dispersion and high efficiency, combining just a few GRAFT modules provides a very large coverage area. This allows for much simpler setups than with conventional line arrays, allowing easier integrations in tight or visually sensitive spaces, along with considerable logistical benefits for touring.

Redefining concert audio

Controlled dispersion

All in one

Unlike conventional line arrays, the GRAFT horn design provides a controlled dispersion all through the frequency range. That means minimizing interference between horizontally arrayed modules since there is no frequency dependent overlap zone. In addition, this means that the sound even at low frequencies can be controlled to a much greater extent than traditionally, directed specifically to where the audience is, avoiding unwanted reflections from surrounding walls.

The module has a large, central horn powered by a cutting edge compression driver and two integrated folded bass horns with matching performance, for a seamless frequency response down to 40Hz. Providing impressive efficiency and a max SPL of over 146db, with 140dB continuously free field.

Patented technology

The patented* horn technology of the GRAFT-series enables the next-generation large format array source in both efficiency and volume, as well as sound reproduction quality and dispersion control. *existing and pending



Because of the geometric dispersion control and high efficiency of the GRAFT module, combining only two modules will cover 40 degrees in the vertical plane and 60 degrees in the horizontal plane.

Easy handling

The loudspeaker is engineered to save weight for easier handling, and has two recessed handles on each side for more comfortable and ergonomic handling. The module cabinet is covered in an industry leading scratch and impact resistant polyurethane coating, and the protective metal grills are combined with fabric. An optional and acoustically transparent foam protector can be mounted to the central horn, depending on the application.

Flying hardware

The GRAFT modules are ready for custom installs. A proprietary and integrated system for flying the modules is coming soon.


System data

Frequency response ±3dB
Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi)
Dispersion H x V

Loudspeaker data

Nominal impedance front/rear
Power handling capacity
(cont./ program)


44Hz - 20kHz
60 × 20 degrees


HF / 4Ohms LF
Speakon 4 pole

Dimensions / weight

Dimensions (H x W x D)


1500 x 640 x 800 mm
90 kg