Studio systems Setups:

For Certified Dolby Atmos installs

Most Atmos installs are challenged with the complexity of integrating 9+ speakers and acoustic treatment to the same quality as a stereo system. Space consumed by the added complexity also restricts the remaining working environment.

Comium 30 is designed to provide better results in typical Atmos environments.┬áDevor 23, 30 are used for the sub channels, and can extend and assist the low frequency reproduction. With subwoofer and bass management you can get 10dB extra headroom for the Comium 30s.

Comium 30

The boundary design of Comium 30 makes it especially suited to Atmos and spatial audio installs. It will use the walls and ceiling of the room as an acoustic amplifier and ensures that there are no reflections off the back surface that are out of time from the main signal.┬áThe form factor makes it very space efficient, and combined with the broad cohesion window, it provides a large sweet spot even in space restricted rooms.

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Devor 23

Devor 23 is a high performance horn loaded subwoofer system with two 15” studio-grade drivers. The horn loading mechanism enables high sensitivity, high impulse response, and a very low distortion level. It has a close to sub cardioid dispersion pattern all through its intended bandwidth. This allows the sound pressure to be directed towards the listening position, and minimizes the need for acoustical treatment, as less energy is reflected off surrounding surfaces.

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