AV Setups:

Speech and media playback

Comium 30 with integrated bass solution

Speech and media playback

Event capability

Adding Trent 35 subwoofers for higher total output

Event capability

Up to 40 people

Most meetings and presentations ¬†happen in rooms that have less than ideal acoustics. And often, space is limited. Comium 30 is designed to provide better results in typical class room / large meeting room environments.

Adding a Devor or Trent subwoofer can assist and extend the low frequency reproduction. With subwoofer and bass management you can get 10dB extra headroom for the Comium 30s.

Comium 30

Large meeting rooms, small auditoriums or common areas are paired well with a Comium 30 on each side. Smaller rooms can be served with just 1 unit.

Clarity of speech is enhanced as the large front surface of the speaker, combined with the wall mounting, avoids reflections off the back wall that degrades the intelligibility of the main signal.

With a frequency response to 30Hz, it is also suitable for media playback standalone.

Building only 12cm out from the wall, it consumes very little of the valuable space in smaller rooms.

Comium 30 is highly efficient and suitable for PoE installs.

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Trent 35

The Trent 35 transmission line loaded subwoofer provides an effortless low end in a small enclosure.

It is designed to provide very high output relative to size, while retaining low frequency response, low distortion and good impulse response. The compact form factor makes it convenient for mobile applications and easy to integrate in installations where space is precious.

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