Club Setups:

Club System

ON4 is a medium sized system in the ON-series developed in our collaboration with OJAS. It combines a multicell from OJAS with an Avant bass/low-mid unit and a Devor 23 low frequency subwoofer.

Club System


The club system is a 4-way active system where each loudspeaker stack consists of a dual 15” bass horn, a single 12” bass/low-mid horn and a classic style wide dispersion multicell horn loaded with a modern coaxial high end compression driver. The system is designed with large overlap ranges so that a seamless system integration and optimized dedicated ranges is achieved within each bandwidth.



The coaxial compression driver in the multicell ensures that the super tweeter experience is coherent with the mid range and the listeners will have a point source experience.


The bass/low-mid excels in the kick region.

Devor 23

The bass horn moves a lot of air from 23Hz so even at lower listening levels the sound energy experienced is almost four times as intense as a similar sized 35Hz system playing at the same level.

Specifications and amplification