Club Setups:

Compact Club System

ON7 is a compact system in the ON-series developed in our collaboration with OJAS. It combines a radial horn from OJAS with an Avant bass/low-mid unit and a Devor 30 subwoofer.


The club system is a 3-way active system where each loudspeaker stack consists of a dual 12” bass horn, a single 8” bass/low-mid horn and a classic style wide biradial horn loaded with a modern compression driver.

The system is designed with large overlap ranges so that a seamless system integration and optimized dedicated ranges is achieved within each bandwidth.

Radial Horn

The modern compression driver in the radial horn ensures that the high frequency experience is essentially without break up modes and thus will be less fatiguing over time.


The mid-bass/low-mid excels in the kick region.

Devor 30

The bass horn in the Devor 30 moves a lot of air from 30Hz so even though this is a compact system it provides a physical experience in a similar way to the larger systems.

Specifications and amplification