Club Setups:

Small Club System

ON8 is a compact system in the ON-series developed in our collaboration with OJAS. It combines a biradial horn from OJAS with a Gage 30 bass unit.


The ON8 passive is a 2-way full range loudspeaker system with an 18” studio grade woofer and a modern 1” exit compression driver on a biradial horn. The system is designed with large overlap ranges so that a seamless system integration and optimized dedicated ranges is achieved within each bandwidth.

Our goal with this design was to revisit the classic 2 way concept, and evolve it with all improvements we could think of to increase both the frequency range and sound quality.

ON8 can be configured either as a floor standing or flown system, and is available with a passive filter or in a 2-way configuration.

Biradial horn

The 1” exit compression driver on a large biradial horn provides good dispersion control that have a similar dispersion as the 18” woofer in the crossover region. The modern driver design also provides a very smooth reproduction of the upper octaves compared to most prior art drivers.

Gage 30

The bass reflex assisted woofer moves a lot of air down to 30Hz in a compact cabinet. Typical challenges in such cabinets are unwanted pipe resonances and port noise coming from turbulent air flow. In the ON8 cabinet the pipe resonances are suppressed significantly with a proprietary pipe resonance cancellation acoustical concept, and the airflow is laminar even at high SPL because of the expanding large port design. The end result is a bass reflex design that has a sound signature that resembles a closed box design as much as a bass reflex thus providing both tight and deep low end.

Specifications and Amplification