Gage 125 and Devor 40

High output, high definition, high directivity, high feedback resistance in a compact form factor

Gage 125 and Devor 40

Product solution

Gage 125 and Devor 40 is a completely horn loaded setup with high efficiency to deliver sufficient sound pressure levels for 100+ people in a compact form factor.

For touring, combining it with a mobile rig for lighting creates an easy and flexible setup.

DJ bars will enjoy the high definition reproduction, and the roll off of Devor 40 matches the vinyl frequency range very well.

Gage 125

The Gage 125 is a 2-way high-performance pro audio speaker with a radial dispersion of 90 degrees. Mounted at a 45 degrees angle, parallel with a boundary, will minimize unwanted reflections due to its high directivity.

Its form, small size, and weight, combined with high audio quality, make the Gage 125 very versatile. It can be useful as front fill, delay system, club installation, surround system, and more.

The Gage 125 has high feedback resistance, makes it very practical for local reinforcement scenarios where there is not an audio technician present.

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Devor 40

The horn design provides high quality audio reproduction down to 40Hz. Devor 40 provides a low frequency response with very low distortion and a fast impulse response, where sound quality is prioritized over the very deepest frequencies.

The Devor 40 has a close to sub cardioid dispersion pattern all through its intended bandwidth. This allows the sound pressure to be directed towards the audience, and minimizes the need for acoustical treatment of the room, as less energy is reflected off surrounding surfaces.

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