Gage 30 and Devor 23

High directivity and fewer units

Gage 30 and Devor 23

Gage 30 and Trent 25

Flexibility with smaller units

Gage 30 and Trent 25

Product solutions

The combination of Gage 30 and Devor 23 or Trent 25 provides very high output with few units. 

Gage 30 can be flown in a horizontal array, and covers wide venues with 140 degrees horizontal dispersion with 3 units.

Devor 23 provides a high degree of directivity and has the overall highest output, with sub-cardioid dispersion in the near field. It is also especially suited for end-fire configurations.

Trent 25 is omnidirectional, but can be integrated in a boundary, such as below a stage. It also has features for stacking.

Gage 30 and Trent 25 is available in self-powered configurations.

Gage 30

Gage 30 is a highly versatile, high performance full range design with an 18” woofer and a 1.4” compression driver. The woofer has a powerful new Neo motor system, low moving mass and extended linear Xmax. The HF horn is a classic elliptical design loaded with a wide range, low distortion and powerful 1.4” compression driver. A large expanding bass port ensures minimal nonlinear airflow at high SPL, even at peak power levels.

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Devor 23

Wideband even directivity control, feedback resistance, low distortion and low noise floor have been the main goals for this design. It combines studio grade dual 5.25” and three 3.5” drivers loading four separate horns. In a studio setting, it can be applied both as a far-field monitor and as a talk-back system.

Trent 25

The transmission line loading design provides an effortless low end in a compact enclosure. The sound signature of this transmission line is slightly softer than our bass horns overall, but quite familiar sounding in its bottom octave.

A modern 18” driver with a strong motor system, low moving mass, rigid cone and extended excursion provides a musical performance usable in a wide range of scenarios. The transmission line design provides more output and improved impulse response than an equal volume bass reflex box with the same woofer and a more linear behavior from low to high sound pressure.

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