Gage 70 and Devor 40

Higher directivity and out output level with minimal footprint

Gage 70 and Devor 40

Gage 70 and Trent 35

More low frequency response, lower profile and pole mount

Gage 70 and Trent 35

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Small venues are often challenged with difficult acoustics due to proximity of adjacent surfaces, lack of acoustic treatment, speaker placement restrictions etc. Close proximity of speakers and microphones often lead to feedback issues as well. These challenges often lead to subpar experiences.

The combination of Gage 70 and Devor 40 bings our highest directivity capabilities into small form factors – a unique proposition. It is also a completely horn loaded solution, providing high-end definition and clarity – either for live or playback applications.

This provides a high quality solution for listening bars, small concert venues and DJ gigs where there are difficult acoustics, feedback issues or demand for very high quality reproduction.

Gage 70 can also be combined with Trent 35. The Trent 35 has omnidirectional dispersion but adds more low frequency capabilities and possibility for pole mount, or can be integrated in a boundary; below a stage etc.

Gage 70

Gage 70 has unique capabilities with regard to solving acoustic and microphone feedback challenges for smaller venues.

It is highly directive, with very even frequency response within its 60 x 40 degree dispersion field. This avoids challenges with audio reflecting off nearby surfaces, and reduces the need for sound absorption or other acoustic measures – leading to clear and even signal throughout the room.

The acoustic design of Gage 70 also avoids trigging microphone feedback to a much higher degree than traditional loudspeakers. In scenarios where the loudspeaker has to be close to the microphone, or even directly in front of it, Gage 70 could be a highly effective solution.

Gage 70 is designed to be configured in a horizontal array with seamless continuation of dispersion through its multicell design.

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Devor 40

The Devor 40 has a close to sub cardioid dispersion pattern all through its intended bandwidth. This allows the sound pressure to be directed towards the audience, and minimizes the need for acoustical treatment of the room, as less energy is reflected off surrounding surfaces.

For mobile scenarios it is easy for one person to move, and has a small footprint that fits stages with restricted space.

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Trent 35

The Trent 35 transmission line loaded subwoofer provides an effortless low end in a small enclosure.

It is designed to provide very high output relative to size, while retaining low frequency response, low distortion and good impulse response. The compact form factor makes it convenient for mobile applications and easy to integrate in installations where space is precious.

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