Studio systems Setups:
Production Studio

Creative environments

Most music production happens in rooms that have less than ideal acoustics. And often, space is limited. Comium 30 is designed to provide better results in typical production environments.

Adding a Devor or Trent subwoofer can assist and extend the low frequency reproduction. With subwoofer and bass management you can get 10dB extra headroom for the Comium 30s.

Comium 30

The Comium 30 is a boundary loudspeaker, which means that it uses boundaries like wall or ceiling as an acoustic amplifier, enabling higher SPL with less power consumption. This also ensures that there are no reflections off the back wall that are out of time from the main signal, resulting in very high-quality audio reproduction in most scenarios. The form factor makes it very space efficient and blends it visually into its surroundings.

It has a 90-degree radial dispersion pattern, which offers a broad coherence window with very low distortion. This means that more people can hear the playback clearly at more listening positions throughout the room.

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Trent 25

The transmission line loading of Trent 25 provides an effortless low end in a compact enclosure. The sound signature of this transmission line is slightly softer than our bass horns overall, but quite familiar sounding in its bottom octave. A modern 18” driver with a strong motor system, low moving mass, rigid cone and extended excursion provides a musical performance usable in a wide range of scenarios. The transmission line design provides more output and improved impulse response than an equal volume bass reflex box with the same woofer and a more linear behavior from low to high sound pressure.

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