Studio systems Setups:

Advanced stereo monitoring

For recording studios that demand the highest reproduction quality, a combination of Gage 60 with Devor 30 or Devor 23 will provide monitoring capabilities with seamless bass extension. Gage 30 can be installed as main monitors, and with a low frequency roll off at 30Hz will be able to work without subwoofer in most scenarios.

Gage 60

Gage 60 is a horn-loaded coaxial design with a ported low-frequency extension. The coaxial configuration in Gage 60 reduces HF doppler distortion that is normally caused by the moving woofer diaphragm used as the HF waveguide in a conventional coaxial driver. Separating the drivers enables a dedicated HF horn, and this reduces doppler distortion both because of the directivity of the HF horn and the increased distance from the HF horn mouth to the woofer diaphragm.

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Gage 30

Gage 30 is a highly versatile, high performance full range design with an 18” woofer and a 1.4” compression driver. The woofer has a powerful new Neo motor system, low moving mass and extended linear Xmax. The HF horn is a classic elliptical design loaded with a wide range, low distortion and powerful 1.4” compression driver. A large expanding bass port ensures minimal nonlinear airflow at high SPL, even at peak power levels.

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Devor 30

Devor 30 is a high performance horn loaded subwoofer system with two 12” studio-grade drivers. The horn loading mechanism enables high sensitivity, high impulse response, and a very low distortion level. It has a close to sub cardioid dispersion pattern all through its intended bandwidth. This allows the sound pressure to be directed towards the listening position, and minimizes the need for acoustical treatment, as less energy is reflected off surrounding surfaces.

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