NNNN loudspeakers can be set up with most updated Powersoft amplifiers, which include NNNN presets in their internal DSP. This includes the X and T series for touring applications, and the Quatro and Otto series for installation. The setups can be controlled through Powersoft’s Armonía software. Learn more about Powersoft’s products and software here.


We provide EASE measurements for our products to allow detailed setups for larger applications. With EASE simulation you can be sure to:

  • Meet the requirements for SPL, STI and other demands with minimum effort
  • More easily become aware of obstacles revealed by the simulation that otherwise typically require extensive practical experience

Analyze and solve acoustical problems before they arise. Save time and money by avoiding multiple iterations on site. The files can also be viewed through the free software EASE Focus. To find out more about EASE simulation, view the official software page here.

Audio Calc

The NNNN app provides handy tools for speaker setups on the go to supplement more advanced modelling. With included specifications for NNNN models the app visualizes dispersion patterns and sound pressure levels. This can be used to adjust the angles and positions of loudspeakers in basic models of a venue. Calculate delays and wavelengths with the calculators for quick reference.