Congratulations on your purchase of this NNNN product! Please save your proof of purchase document. Be certain that this document lists the serial number of each NNNN product purchased. If the receipt does not include the serial number(s), contact your dealer immediately.

Your NNNN product’s warranty begins automatically on the date of your sales receipt. NNNN performs all warranty & non-warranty service and repair, as well as spare parts fulfillment in Drammen, Norway. Our technicians are committed to providing customers with the best support possible, and in order to do so we ask that all service requests be accompanied by the following information:
A Return Authorization number (RA#) provided by NNNN.A copy of your original sales receipt, including serial number(s)The NNNN model name and serial number listed on the rating label on the rear panel.

To contact NNNN with enquiries about service and support, please view www.nnnn.no/supportor email NNNN directly by info@nnnn.no


NNNN AS warrants its products for these periods starting from the date of delivery to the owner from an authorized dealer or authorized NNNN distributor. Loudspeakers 5 years, Accessories 2 years.

What is covered

During the applicable warranty period, NNNN warrants the product against defects in workmanship and materials and against malfunctions. NNNN will remedy all such defects and malfunctions without charge for parts or labor if the warranty applies. Final determination of warranty coverage lies solely with NNNN.

What is
not covered

This warranty does not extend to damage or malfunctions resulting from, but not limited to, shipment, improper installation, improper transportation, misuse, neglect, abuse, normal wear, accident, or to any product on which the serial number has been modified or removed.

Damage which exclusively affects the exterior appearance of the product are specifically excluded from this warranty.
NNNN shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of this product.
Repairs and/or modifications by entities other than NNNN or authorized NNNN distributors automatically void this warranty.