Trada 30

Touring subwoofer

TRADA 30 is a very versatile concert subwoofer. It is sturdy and mobile while still keeping up with the reference class low-frequency reproduction of the NNNN subwoofer range. Trada 30 provides a good fundament for any application. Available as a powered loudspeaker with an integrated amplifier.

The TRADA 30 is a touring grade subwoofer that can be used in most touring applications. A fairly complex horn design enables loading down to 30Hz even standalone. It incorporates a single 21” driver in a horn-loaded cabinet which provides directivity and controlled dispersion. Implemented in the design are features tailored for the long-distance projection of sound which can be utilized when combining multiple TRADA 30s in a system of subwoofers.

Redefining concert audio

Smaller is better

More than the sum of its parts

The TRADA 30 matches other reference class subwoofers in terms of SPL, but does so with a smaller and more practical form factor, even with less distortion. This provides a lot more flexibility in application, as the TRADA 30 can just as well be set up with a pole mounted top for small venues, as part of a top-of-the-line rig for stadium-sized venues.

Unlike typical ported subwoofers, where adding multiple modules together can decrease the overall efficiency at the lowest frequencies, multiple TRADA 30s achieve an audio summation that lowers the cutoff and increase dispersion control. Stacking multiple TRADA 30s is done in mirrored pairs to achieve force cancellation.

Patented technology

The patented horn technology of the TRADA subwoofer enables the next-generation loudspeaker in both efficiency and SPL, as well as sound reproduction quality and dispersion control.


High and low

The Trada 30 is a truly versatile touring subwoofer, which can be set up to suit most venues. It can be set up free-standing, stacked, and is easy to maneuver during rigging. The module is engineered for easier handling and has ergonomic handles on each side which double as protection.

Resilient and adaptable

The TRADA 30 is ready for touring applications and custom installs. The cabinet is covered in an industry-leading scratch and impact resistant coating, and the coated protective metal grills are combined with an acoustically transparent filter foam.


System data

Frequency response ±3dB
Nominal dispersion
Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi)
Peak SPL music:>

Loudspeaker data

Nominal impedance front/rear
Power handling capacity
(cont./ program)


30Hz - 80Hz
Sub-cardioid (Near field)
137 dB
150 dB


8 Ohms
2x SpeakON 4 pole

Dimensions / weight

Dimensions (H x W x D)


590 x 870 x 787 mm
76 kg