Arrayable Point Source

The TURAGE 90 is a medium arrayable point source which provides high performance audio to venues of 50 to 5000 people. The Turage 90 has a high continuous SPL and remarkable directivity throughout the frequency range, in a light and mobile cabinet. The versatility of the TURAGE 90 enables more scenarios to be covered by fewer speakers, simpler setups, and with higher quality sound than what has previously been possible.

The TURAGE 90 pairs well with any DEVOR subwoofer for larger venues, providing impressive continuous sound pressure throughout the frequency range. The gradual intensity high frequency horn enables simple stacked setups even for venues up to 5000 people - no need to fly complex line arrays. The TURAGE 90 is a very versatile speaker and for clubs it and the DEVOR series make up a premium dance system that is simple to configure and install.

From the Club to the Stage.

Gradual Intensity High Frequency Horn

The high frequency horn is designed with a directivity pattern that replicates a typical amplitude shaded pattern from a line array. This directs the highest sound pressure level towards the back of the audience, and gradually lower towards the front audience.

Adaptive Full Range Array

The four 8’’ behave as a pure top at max SPL, and transition into a full range array with a rolloff at 70Hz at 119dB. This makes it an ideal companion to the DEVOR subwoofer series for larger venues.

Patented technology

The patents employed in the TURAGE 90 enable impressive directivity which along with the horn loading mechanism enables low distortion, sensitivity, and impulse response beyond what has previously been possible.

  • Flying system



The TURAGE 90 can be stacked or flown with NNNN accessories. Up to four can be stacked on an individual DEVOR 16. Up to two can be stacked on an individual DEVOR 23. Up to three can be stacked on a pair of DEVOR 23. The flying system is designed for easy mounting and configuration.


The TURAGE 90 is designed to be light and easy to handle for one person. It is made of birch plywood that is covered with an industry-leading coating - making the cabinets weather, scratch and impact resistant. The grilles, handles, and input panel is coated aluminium.


The horn shape allows several TURAGE 90 modules to be stacked within each other very efficiently for transportation. This reduces the need for larger vehicles and enables concert setups to be transported in smaller cars or vans.


The TURAGE 90 is driven actively by four channels of an appropriate PA amplifier. One channel for the tweeter and three channels for the full tone array. There are no passive crossovers. We will soon release a version with integrated processing and dedicated amplifier.

The TURAGE 90 and DEVOR combinations span from premium Dance Tower with three TURAGE modules stacked on a DEVOR 16 through sidefill setups, brilliantly simple DJ setups and fixed installations. Lastly, the TURAGE 90 will do very well on its own in auditoriums or smaller music venues.


Turage 90

System data

Top: Frequency response ±3dB
Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi)

Full range: Frequency response ±3dB
Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi)

Loudspeaker data

Nominal impedance front/rear
Mid bass

Power handling capacity
(cont./ peak)


100Hz - 16kHz

90Hz - 16kHz


HF 16 Ohms, Mid 8 Ohm
2.7 Ohm

900W / 1800W
Speakon 8 pole

Dimensions / weight

Dimensions (H x W x D)


1200 x 480 x 410 mm
33 kg