Cutting edge drivers

Our products are the first to be fitted with a completely new generation of drivers that outperform previous generations substantially. This enables our entire portfolio of products to be at the forefront of what drivers are able to deliver of fidelity, sensitivity and sound pressure.

Investment flexibility

We have a comprehensive range of both concert speakers and studio speakers in the works, and unlike vendors that design specific tops and subwoofers to a product serie, we are designing all our speakers to be able to be matched seamlessly. This enables investments in our first products to market to be compatible with any of our upcoming products.

Vendor compatibility

Unique to our products is how seamlessly they will be able to integrate with both existing, and most likely, future products of other vendors. Broader than standard crossover zones is the key here, superior impulse response, and less stored energy than any other vendors will enable all our products to extend, replace and play seamlessly with any existing and future investments.