Comium 30

Full Range Point Source
Comium 30

The Comium 30 is a full-range loudspeaker with a form factor that utilizes the boundaries of a room to enhance performance.

  • 2-way wall or ceiling mounted studio monitor with 30 Hz bass extention
  • Active and passive versions
  • High efficiency and suitable for PoE installations
  • Broad cohersion window

System data

Frequency response ±3dB:
Max. cont. SPL (1m, 2Pi)
Nominal dispersion:

Loudspeaker data

Nominal impedance front/rear:
Power handling capacity (cont./ peak):


30 Hz - 22 kHz
104 dB


8 Ω
235 W
Input: 2 x XLR/Jack combo / Output: XLR

Dimensions / weight



13.8 kg

Boundary speaker

The COMIUM 30 is a boundary loudspeaker, which means that it uses boundaries like wall or ceiling as an acoustic amplifier, enabling higher SPL with less power consumption. This also ensures that there are no reflections off the back wall that are out of time from the main signal, resulting in very high-quality audio reproduction in most scenarios. The form factor makes it very space efficient and blends it visually into its surroundings.

Broad coherence window

COMIUM 30 is designed to have a wide and even dispersion pattern within its bandwidth. This feature enables a similar sweet spot when mixing in a studio, both sitting and standing, it’s also easier to make every seat a good seat in a meeting room or small cinema. The tweeter has a waveguide with DXT lens that provides wide dispersion even at the highest frequencies in it’s bandwidth, and its integration with the woofer makes it emulate something close to a true point source.

High efficiency and PoE

COMIUM 30 is our first product using transmission line acoustic designs to enable a low frequency response while retaining good impulse response and definition. With the custom woofer the transmission line design provides more output than an equal volume bass reflex box with the same woofer and a more linear behavior from low to high sound pressure. Combined with the boundary loading, the COMIUM 30 has an impressive low frequency response from a relatively small wall mounted cabinet. This energy efficiency also makes it very suitable for PoE installations.

Mono, stereo and spatial audio

The COMIUM 30 is available in a fully passive 2-way version for use with external amplifier and DSP, and a powered version with integrated amplifier and DSP. It is suitable for demanding studio work, and is very well suited for surround and spatial audio, both for mixing and mastering. For AV and video conferencing it can handle a lot of scenarios from small huddle spaces up to and including large meeting rooms and small auditoriums. In addition to enterprise and pro audio it is a very useful space saving tool for scenarios like home cinema, stereo systems, distributed systems, exhibitions, retail and restaurant spaces.

Comium 30

Comium 30

Full Range Point Source