Siwilai Radical Club

After getting good feedback on the system at Public Records in May last year, the first complete sound system developed together with OJAS, the idea emerged that we should scale the system down to smaller sizes – making the same concept available to a wider set of venues. As a collaborative products between OJAS and NNNN, we simply called the product series ON, and we called the first system ON2.

As it happens, Central Group needed a state of the art club system for their new Siwilai Radical Club in Bangkok, Thailand. This provided the opportunity to develop the smaller system – the ON4.

As the ON2 consisted of multicell from OJAS at the top, the Devor 16 subwoofer at the bottom and a new 18’’ front loaded bass horn in the middle, the ON4 would be designed around the same type of modules, but with a smaller form factor.


Siwilai Radical Club


We designed the ON4 based on the Devor 23 subwoofer instead, and scaling down the front loaded bass horn to afford a 12’’ driver. On top, however, we would keep the same co-axial drive multicell horn.

The installation at the Siwilai Radical Club was done in November 2023. The club has an intimate atmosphere and the high directivity of the system enabled a close proximity between the ON4 stacks and the DJ desk. The design of the sound system, paired with the strict design of the club itself makes the system the visual centerpiece.


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